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Welcome to the world of Guarjila Films. Peter Cassidy- Sibrian, founder of Guarjila Films and Salvadoran refugee, created Guarjila Films with the objective to make and produce socially conscious films that bring awareness to the everyday life and struggles of living in developing countries. Peter Ernesto Cassidy-Sibrian was born Jose Ernesto Ramos-Sibrian at a refuge camp in Mesa Grande, Honduras in 1982. At the young age of two, Ernesto’s mother, Maria Sibrian, was murdered at the hands of the Salvadorian army during the Salvadoran Civil War. Killed near the Gualsinga River in northern El Salvador while with her two children, Ernesto and his older sister, the Salvadoran Army forced the separation of Ernesto and his sister labeling him as a war orphan for politically motivated purposes. Kidnapped from his sister and family, Ernesto was transferred to an orphanage in Santa Tecla, El Salvador. In 1985, an American woman, by the name of Kathleen, adopted Ernesto Sibrian, renamed him Peter Ernesto and moved him to her home in New Jersey. Dedicating her life to him, Kathleen gave him a second chance at life unaware of his history or grieving family in El Salvador. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Father John Cortina and El Salvador based foundation Probusqueda, Peter Ernesto was united with his birth family in El Salvador at the age of 15. Peter Ernesto Cassidy-Sibrian’s first film, Tears from Within, recounts his rich history highlighting the social injustice carried out during the Salvadoran Civil War that lasted from 1980 to 1992 and was propagated by the United States’ government. Tears from Within tells the story of Peter Ernesto Cassidy-Sibrian from his birth in a refugee camp  and forced separation from his family to his appearance on Nightline with Ted Koppel at 16 and his role as a spokesperson for ProBusqueda. He has dedicated the past 14 years of his life fighting for the disappeared children of El Salvador and uniting other children, like himself, with their biological families. Tears from Within is his personal journey to find his family and long lost father in order to understand his true identity, the same identity that was taken away from him as a child.

Copyright © 2013 Guarjila Films. All Rights Reserved

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